The SaniClean Equipment

The SaniClean Equipment and Products

The equipment package includes all the equipment necessary to clean and sanitize mattresses, furniture (including leather), carpeting, drapes, stuffed toys, cribs, walls, and so much more. Basically anything in the house.

You will also be able to clean tile & grout, bathroom & shower stalls, linoleum floors, kitchen counters, sinks, toilets, and many other things.

You will be able to quickly treat the house for allergens with our Anti-Allergy Relief Treatment using our SM 100 Vapor Injection Machine.

The SaniClean Sanitizing Machine

SaniClean Machine

*The cart quickly breaks down for storage and transport.

Our state-of-the art cleaning device comes with a large assortment of attachments for doing professional cleaning and sanitizing. The machine only weighs 30 lbs (13.6 kg) and can be easily carried. The convenient roll-around cart quickly separates for small vehicle transport and/or storage. The cart puts all accessories at eye level which allows easy access to all the accessory tools while cleaning. You can also take the machine out of the cart and carry it with its built-in handle, and carry the accessories in their own bag. The machine has its own wheels allowing it to be easily moved around during cleaning.

There are two sanitizing and cleaning functions built into the machine. One is a three-tiered vacuum system which allows you to vacuum delicate things like shear curtains, or things that require much more aggressive suction like furniture, mattresses or carpeting. The other is an intense high heat vapor injection system. This system also has 3 levels of intensity allowing cleaning and sanitizing of the most delicate to the most difficult.

*The machine also can be used without the cart. It has its own wheels
and comes with a storage bag for all the accessories.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT FEATURE: This is a powerful machine and requires more power than a standard 110/120 outlet will provide. So the machine is designed to use a true 220/240 volt system giving it plenty of power, but using less amps (which means no worry about blown circuits). The machine has a special system that allows you to simply use two standard separate 110/120 outlets. These are the standard outlets used in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South America.

You Simply plug one plug into a standard outlet and the other plug into another outlet on a different circuit, normally found in the same room, or in a hallway or another room. A light on the system comes on to let you know you are on separate circuits. Turn the machine on and you are ready to go to work. So easy, so simple, but very powerful. For the rest of the world they simply use the Standard 220/240 volt system on the machine.

The Wall cleaning and sanitizing attachment being used in a nursing home.Includes tools for cleaning tile and grout & other flooring.

One of our specialty tools for cleaning mattresses and upholstery.Cleaning and sanitizing a floor in an assissted living home.

SaniClean Machine Accessories

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The filtration system on the vacuum is more effective than a Hepa filter. It discharges 99.999 percent pure sanitized, deodorized air, an important feature when cleaning beds in hospitals, nursing or assisted living homes, and homes with allergy and or asthma suffers.

Drawbacks of Conventional Vacuums for Allergy Sufferers - Click Here

The vapor system can be set for deep penetrating heavy duty cleaning and sanitizing to cleaning and sanitizing of very delicate items.

The SaniClean machine is a commercially constructed hospital-grade sanitizing and cleaning machine. The special boiler system which is constructed of stainless steel has a lifetime warranty. The body is constructed of a heavy duty plastic, the same material that car bumpers are made of. We use this material because is saves weight and will not corrode or dent when banged against something.

Our sanitizing machine was thoroughly tested in hospitals (see special report), where every type of germ, pathogen, and bacteria is found. It was effective in removing 99.9 percent of these organisms as well as harmful allergen debris that dust mites and other pathogens leave. Since it is a chemical-free cleaning process, pathogens cannot build up a tolerance against it, and it doesn’t harm the things that are being cleaned like chemicals will do. Plus, there is no chemical residue left over, which can affect health issues. It was also effective at removing soil with its high temperature vapor and powerful water-filtered suction combination. This combination allows the unit to vacuum up messy liquid spills such as urine, diarrhea, vomit, soda pop, coffee, water, etc.

In mattress and furniture sanitizing, as pathogens and allergens are being vacuumed off the mattress this unique machine injects high density super hot dry vapor into the mattress or furniture. This instantly kills any living organism that may be left in or on them. This deep penetrating vapor also loosens dirt and stains to be vacuumed away, leaving the item clean and sanitized. For stubborn or harder-to-clean items we use our Orbital Pre-Scrubber machine (shown below) in conjunction with the SaniClean Machine.


Professional Hand Pump Sprayer

hand pump up sprayer

Our pump sprayer is used to apply our Anti-Allergy Cleaning Agents. It can also apply our Allergy Relief Treatment.

Allergy Relief Treatment

saniclean allergy relief products

Allergy Relief Treatment has been proven effective in denaturing the protein allergens from dust mite droppings (Der p1 and Der f1), cockroach droppings (Bla g1), dog dander (Can f1), and cat saliva (Fel d1). Allergy Relief Treatment is a water-based solution that contains a powerful active ingredient derived from naturally occurring extracts found in certain fruit and vegetable seeds. It works by denaturing the structure of the allergen, and thus, substantially reducing the Ige antibody-binding capacity of the allergen. As a result, they are no longer “recognized” by the body’s immune system, alleviating the body’s allergic response (allergy attack). Provides a residual effect for up to six months, when properly applied.

Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and readily biodegradable. Does not contain pesticides, perfumes, harmful solvents, or other hazardous ingredients.

Anti-Allergen PreSpray

saniclean anti- allergy prespray products

Anti-Allergen PreSpray is hypo-allergenic and designed for safe use around individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities. Use as a pre-spray when cleaning carpet, upholstery, or mattresses and prior to an application of Allergy Relief Treatment.

Environmentally safe and does not contain pesticides, perfumes, harmful solvents, or other hazardous ingredients. Derived from renewable plant source surfactants. Non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants. Ready to use pH is 10.0

Mix 1 part of Anti-Allergen PreSpray with 10 parts water (12 oz. per gallon of water). Mix well, apply, and agitate with a soft brush. For use on wool: mix 1 part Anti-Allergen PreSpray with 16 parts hot water (8 oz. per gallon). Mix well and apply.

Includes Marketing & Training Manual

Includes; Sample Flyers, Letters, Invoices, Ads, referral programs, brochures, marketing guides, and a lot more. It also includes a Training DVD and CD.